Who made that?

WE MADE THAT is a group of kids straight outta' the 90's, striving to make every film so awesome that we can't help but smile as we clink beers at the end of the production in slow motion, on a beach, in Mexico, at sunset, also holding our surf boards, waiting for a wave that looks as perfect as the film we just shot.

So we wait forever. Or until it gets cold and we wanna' come inside.

- Past Collabs -

Client Liaison
Retro Culture
The Sand Dollars
Joyluck Studio + Rooftop
Live Below The Line
Southern FM
BRIAM (Bryce and Liam)
Del Boca-Vista
NPS Medicine Wise
Jonathan Homesy

- Festivals/Accolades -
In The Bin Film Festival Finalist 2016
Woodland Film Festival